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Demonstration of TeleWorship's Virtual Worship End-User Experience

To participate in your Virtual Worship services, all a user has to do is dial a Dial-In Telephone Number from any telephone or cell phone in the world and enter an Access Code. The user is then placed into your Virtual Worship service.

Literally, it is that easy.

So you can hear the actual end user experience, a recording is provided below of the Virtual Worship services of Rev. Norman Stolpe, Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church in Dallas, Texas. In the recording, you will hear the actual sounds of someone dialing into TeleWorship, entering the Access Code and joining Central Christian Church's Virtual Worship. This only takes about 25 seconds. The user is then be placed into Rev. Stople's sermon in progress and you will hear about 1-1/2 minutes of his sermon (in this sample) as it was actually carried on TeleWorship.

The end-user experience as a 64 kbps WMA file. (WMA - 798 kB)

The end-user experience as a 128 kbps WMA file. (WMA - 2,103 kB)

The end-user experience as an MP3 file. (MP3 - 2,085 kB)

In case your wondering, the operator message that says "You are being placed into a conference in muted mode" is a courtesy message automatically played when the Virtual Worship Chairperson has "muted" the remote phones so people can't talk over the service. This lets users know that they can listen but can't talk until the Virtual Worship Chairperson "un-mutes" the phones.

Also, in this example, another operator message says "This conference is being recorded." This is also a courtesy message that is automatically played by the system whenever the Virtual Worship Chairperson has instructed the TeleWorship system to record the service at the Bridge WAV Recorder that is part of the TeleWorship platform.

What Happens Behind the Scenes

To make Virtual Worship available to your congregants (using TeleWorship's Telephone Broadcast product), you begin by providing your potential users with the dial-in telephone numbers to call and the Access Code for your church. Both of these elements are furnished to you by TeleWorship.

We supply both a Toll-Free Dial-In Telephone Number for use in North America that features no long distance charges for the calling party or a Toll Dial-In Telephone Number that can be used from anywhere in the world.

Your Access Code is a seven-digit number that uniquely identifies your church and its worship services. Anyone dialing your access number and entering your access code is placed into your Virtual Worship service. You get as many Access Codes as you like to identify unique events. However, typically, most churches opt to use only one Access code for their worship services and do not change it unless absolutely necessary.

Anyone who dials in before the Virtual Worship begins will be placed on hold until the Virtual Worship Chairperson arrives and opens the call. By default a Virtual Worship service doesn’t start until the Virtual Worship Chairperson opens the call. Once the Virtual Worship Chairperson opens the call, all of the people who are waiting on hold for the call to begin will be placed into your live Virtual Worship service. This default can be changed in the Customer Self-Service Site but it is not recommended because it is less secure and you don’t have control of the start of the call.

Anyone who dials in after the Virtual Worship Service is opened is automatically placed into the Virtual Worship services as they arrive. Your listeners can call in at any time to hear a portion of your service or the entire service from prelude to postlude. Also, they can call in hear a portion of the service, hang up and dial back in at a later time.

You can print your telephone numbers and access code in your church publications, church advertising or on invitations to specially invite people to join you virtually. You can advertise these numbers in your church’s Web site and even your Yellow Page advertising.

By default, we provide 125 inbound ports for a single worship service. However, this is only any administrative limit. We have a very large carrier-grade platform and can supply as many ports as need for any event. To increase the number of ports available to you worship service only requires a call to TeleWorship and we can accommodate any reasonable number of callers (several thousands of callers per church) and can quickly arrange for even greater capacity with advanced notice.

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