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TeleWorship Corporation

Free Introductory Online Seminars

Every week, TeleWorship conducts Introductory Online Seminars to acquaint people with TeleWorship.

Our Introductory Online Seminars are conducted using TeleWorship’s Telephone Broadcasting and Web Conferencing products. Therefore, these seminars not only provide education via their content, they are also excellent demonstrations of the capabilities of TeleWorship’s products.

Each Introductory Online Seminar typically lasts 45 minutes.

Click here to check the calendar of upcoming Online Seminars and make a reservation to attend.

These Seminars are designed to be conducted to large audiences and, therefore, inherently tend to be lectures that are broadcasted (one-way information flow). However, using the advanced capabilities of TeleWorship’s Web Conferencing platform, there are opportunities to ask questions and interact with listening audience.

You are invited (encouraged actually) to ask anyone in your church’s leadership or your congregation to join any Seminar where you think it will help your leadership learn about TeleWorship. The TeleWorship system has no practical capacity limits so all are welcome. The only thing we ask is that each person attending make reservations so that we can send each attendee their Access Codes and instructions.

The Seminars will be carried on both the Internet using our Web Conferencing system and on the public telephone system using our Telephone Broadcasting system. You will use a personal computer and a Web browser to see the visual part of the seminar. You will use a regular telephone to dial into our conference bridge to hear the audio part of the seminar.

It is strongly recommend that you plan on attending using both the Web and your telephone so you can see and hear the content. The Seminar will include PowerPoint slides and online demonstrations so there will be lots to see and you will therefore need a computer to get the full value from the Seminar. However, if you want to participate and won’t be near your computer at that time of the seminar, you are welcome to dial in (even from your cell phone) to listen to the seminar without seeing the visuals. You won’t get full value of all of the content but you can at least listen in and have a worthwhile experience.

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