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TeleWorship can build virtual worship experiences for your church using its fully-hosted and managed communications platform. We can make all of your church’s worship services electronically available and easily accessible to anyone in the world using nothing more than ordinary telephones or cell phones. No special training is needed to originate or to listen to any of your church's worship services. TeleWorship can have many uses and is perfect for a home-bound ministry or outreach to prospects.


.: A No-Risk Service

Your church doesn’t have to buy or maintain any specialized equipment or hire special staff to operate the service. TeleWorship does it all for you so you can focus on your ministry and not the technology. We will provide everything you need without any up-front costs or set-up fees and without any long-term committments. You pay for only the actual minutes of use that you consume.

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.: Learn More

TeleWorship has built a very large Pastor Education Portal for pastors and church staff. This membership-only portal is extensively stocked with information to provide a complete education of how to build a Virtual Worship Ministry for your church. We make this available without charge to any pastor or church staff member. Membership is by invitation. If you haven't yet received an invitation, you are welcome to apply for membership. To check if you're qualified and apply for your invitation to membership, see the "Free Education Portal".